Clean Marketing

Winter 2016 Midnight Musings - Summary: As marketing in general, and IT specifically, continues to evolve beyond web sites, email, social media and the rest of the marketing mix, could quiet be the new shout? Relax, I don't plan on selling LEGO™ art Scroll back up to the top to my home image. It's just [...]

Small Business Marketing from Finish to Start

Summary: Consider developing a marketing plan that starts at the end and moves through its paces in reverse. Here's how and why it works. "Maybe the start line was supposed to be your finish line. Don't be afraid to walk backwards." Author:Tablo Normally whenever we think of taking on a project, we lay out the [...]

Likability. Is it a lost art for today’s sales exec?

Friday Afternoon Fall Musings – Summary: Creating a sincere interest and rapport with customers remains an important sales tool. Being likable leads to new and repeat sales and sets you apart from the crowd. Used car salespeople have been the butt of many bad jokes. While there was a time when Slick-Willie type individuals would [...]

My iPhone 6S Plus Upgrade story, with tips for buying, moving data, and protection. UPDATED:

Friday Afternoon Fall Musings - Summary: This week's post is not about sales or marketing leadership. For nearly 4 years I lived harmoniously with my iPhone 4S and managed to dismiss the Apple marketing sirens hearkening me each September - first to the iPhone 5, then iPhone 5S and then iPhone 6/6Plus. But I gave [...]

How to work-from-home and keep your sanity.

Friday Afternoon Musings Summary: While working from home has its benefits, it also has subtle but equally important challenges. Here's my take, and tips to make it easier. First, let me apologize for the clickbait photo I used above to get attention to this post. Honestly, I couldn't in good conscience post a photo of [...]