When It’s Time to Finally Fire Your Client

Have you ever had that awkward feeling? You know, you set out a strategy to build a client's business, develop a plan and a budget, and it starts working as planned, and you feel so good - proud even? Then you notice these little cracks in the foundation. You start to see things that are part [...]

4 Secrets to Successful New Year’s Resolutions

For a very long time, I have witnessed friends and family members commit to New Year's Resolutions. And here's what happens..90 percent of the time - NOTHING! So I'm going to share 4 secrets to successful New Year's Resolutions. We are creatures of habit. Time is needed to do our job, manage our family life, engage [...]

Backup. Never easier or more important.

Friday Fall Musings | 10-7-16 | Regular backup  for your PC  is greatly ignored and extremely necessary even with cloud deployed. And if you are in a small or solo business, you don't have the IT police patrolling to keep you on your toes. Backup. It doesn't seem to matter how many times we hear it. Though in [...]

Life. It’s all just Marketing….

A Friday afternoon Summer Musing.... Summary: Marketing has become a non-stop process in a world of 24-hour cable channels, mobile devices and smart phones. I confess to having a bit of a dual persona, having spent my work life in both sales and marketing careers. I thought I’d take a look back, share a little personal history, [...]

The Obscenity of Ramsonware

Winter 2016 Midnight Musings - Summary: In recent months, more than a few friends who, because of my tenure in the IT industry, assume I am their personal tech support, have gotten nailed by what is colloquially knows as Ramsomware. In most cases, these situations could have likely been avoided, but for the casual trust we [...]